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While a lot of terminology is shared with NagiosĀ® Core, there are some differences. This document will detail all the terms used within Opsview.


There are 3 different, but related, definitions:

  • Generally, it is something that is providing a function that you want to get a status for
  • In Nagios Core, a service is the most atomic thing that has a status. This can be a very simple test (a process exists), a more complex test (a network response), or an complete transactional test (login to website, get balance information)
  • In Opsview, a service is a combination of a servicecheck and a host

Service Check

A service check is an Opsview term which is the definition of something that needs to be checked. This includes how to check something, what plugin to use, the frequency of checking, what the dependencies are.

Service checks are not associated with a host until it is marked against a host or a host template (via the Monitors tab).


A host is a container for lots of services. It does not have to be a physical box - it could be a virtual machine, or a cluster.

A host has special properties regarding its services:

  • if a host is failed, notifications for services will be supressed
  • if a host is in downtime, all services are in downtime


  • if a host is in a failed state, its services will not be automatically failed