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 +====== Stalking (Log Every Message): deprecated ======
 +This stalking option (called **Log Every Message** in the web interface) in the service checks edit page has been deprecated.
 +This option forces NagiosĀ® Core to log an entry in the nagios.log file for every check result that comes in that is different from the current state. However, since Opsview will by default store every check result in the runtime database, so this option places unnecessary load on the Opsview master server.
 +One difference is that the availability reports may show additional log errors, but this is not sufficient to retain this option.
 +This option was originally added for passive checks. If a service was in a CRITICAL state and a 2nd alert comes in of a different nature, but also CRITICAL, Nagios Core would not notify since there was no state change. Stalking would save the message, but not alert. The alternative, "is_volatile" (or **Alert Every Failure** in the UI), would save the message and also raise an alert. Consider using this option in preference to stalking.