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SNMP Trap tracing

This page allows you to define which hosts you want Opsview to start tracing traps for. Choose by hostname in the text field area (a live search will be performed) and press Add to move into the list.

You have to submit the page for the hosts to have tracing enabled. Tracing will not start until a reload has occurred.

To collect the traps for a host, choose a host in the list and press Collect. This will pull all the traced traps for that host and then resubmit them for processing, but with extra debugging. This re-processing will use the current rules (as opposed to the last reloaded rules).

Traps will, by default, only be kept for 1 week to reduce the amount of space taken.

Note: traps will not be saved for a host if:

  • The trap is malformed
  • The trapname is not fully translated (this trap should be an exception)
  • The host cannot be determined from the the IP in the trap

Also note that if a trap could be stored multiple times if there are multiple hosts with the same IP address that are expecting traps.