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Opsview Slave Virtual Appliance


The Opsview slave virtual appliance is a preconfigured slave designed to be used in conjunction with the normal (master) virtual appliance, but can be used with any Opsview running on the same Linux distribution type — Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. The image can be obtained from the Opsview download site.


Details about configuring the VM itself can be found on the Opsview VMware Virtual Machine page. Additionally, you will need to enable communication between the master and the slave. We assume a forward SSH tunnel.

On the master:

  1. Become the nagios user: sudo -iu nagios
  2. Generate a SSH key: ssh-keygen -t rsa -a 100 -b 4096 -f /var/log/nagios/.ssh/id_rsa -N ""
  3. Allow the master to connect to the slave noninteractively. The default password for the nagios user on the slave is “nagios”: ssh-copy-id <slave>
  4. Test that the master can connect to the slave without any prompting: ssh <slave> hostname

Follow the Setup of the slave documentation for the remaining steps for setting up in the UI.