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REST API: Rechecks

URL: /rest/recheck. This requires authentication. Requires ACTIONSOME or ACTIONALL access.

  • GET - Lists all hosts and services that can be re-checked based on user permissions
  • POST - Submit an recheck request
  • PUT, DELETE - Not implemented

Access control

ACTIONALL allows submitting a recheck to any object in Opsview.

ACTIONSOME allows submitting a recheck to host or services based on the access object selection.

Note: If a user has ACTIONALL, but only VIEWSOME, the user could submit rechecks for objects that they cannot view.

Listing services for rechecking

You will get a list of services, same as /rest/status/service, but with the following filtering:

  • Only objects that the user will have access to recheck will be listed.

See the status API for details of the search parameters and the output.

Requesting a recheck

Rechecks are set asynchronously, so the REST API will return as soon as the submission is entered. There maybe a small delay before the result is displayed in the user interface.

On successful submission of re-checks, the response will be of the form:

    summary => {
        num_hosts    => ...,
        num_services => ...,
    list => {
        hosts    => [ { id => ..., hostname => ... }, ],
        services => [ { id => ..., hostname => ..., servicename => ... }, ],

This reflects the number of hosts and services that this recheck applied to.

In the event of a failure, the response will be:

    message => ...,
    detail  => ...,

Where message will be one of:

  • No objects chosen for recheck (this could also appear if the user does not have access to the objects specified).
  • Errors setting recheck - some objects may have been rechecked.
  • Error when searching for objects.

Object selection


You can use the below example call to force a recheck of all services against a given host

opsview_rest --pretty --username=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD POST "recheck?hostname=HOSTNAME&servicename=%"