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Guidelines for Performance

This page has general information about performance improvements you can make to your Opsview system.

MySQL Database

There is a big reliance on the MySQL database. Having a dedicated MySQL server will improve performance of Opsview.

Also see the MySQL performance tuning guide for more information on setting the MySQL parameters.

RRD Performance Data

RRD files for the performance data returned from Nagios plugins are stored in /usr/local/nagios/var/rrd.

As this creates a lot of I/O activity (mainly writes as data arrives, but also reads when drawing graphs), you will get much better throughput if you put this on a separate disk partition.

If you use a symlink to link the RRD directory to a different part of the filesystem, then the directory will not be backed up as part of the nightly backup. Ensure you have another backup policy for this data if you want to have backups.

Limiting Web Sessions

Update Apache with the MaxClients value so that there is a maximum number of web clients that can connect into Opsview.