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 +====== Object Wiki ======
 +Opsview has a built-in wiki system to allow arbitrary comments to be added to host groups or hosts.
 +You access the comments from the popup menu for host groups or hosts.
 +The comments icon is a bulb. This will be bright if there are comments, otherwise will be unlit.
 +If you have access to view a host, you can see the host information and the host group information for all the host groups in the hierarchy up to the top level.
 +To edit, you need to either have:
 +  * [[opsview4.6:access|ACTIONALL]] or
 +  * ACTIONSOME and CONFIGUREHOSTGROUPS with this part of the tree selected
 +The wiki system is based on the perl module [[http://search.cpan.org/dist/Text-WikiFormat/lib/Text/WikiFormat.pm|Text::WikiFormat]].
 +**Note**: you cannot add HTML tags. All < and > characters will be escaped to &lt; and &gt; respectively.
 +If you have another system that holds central information, you can change the system preference to use your own URL instead of the Opsview built-in system for [[opsview4.6:systempreference#host_information_url|hosts]] and [[opsview4.6:systempreference#hostgroup_information_url|host groups]].