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Object Wiki

Opsview has a built-in wiki system to allow arbitrary comments to be added to host groups or hosts.

You access the comments from the popup menu for host groups or hosts.

The comments icon is a bulb. This will be bright if there are comments, otherwise will be unlit.

If you have access to view a host, you can see the host information and the host group information for all the host groups in the hierarchy up to the top level.

To edit, you need to either have:

  • ACTIONSOME and CONFIGUREHOSTGROUPS with this part of the tree selected

The wiki system is based on the perl module Text::WikiFormat.

Note: you cannot add HTML tags. All < and > characters will be escaped to &lt; and &gt; respectively.

If you have another system that holds central information, you can change the system preference to use your own URL instead of the Opsview built-in system for hosts and host groups.