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 +====== Nagvis ======
 +[[http://nagvis.org/|Nagvis]] is a 3rd party component that allows graphical representations of the status of Opsview services.
 +**Note**: Time representations in Nagvis will be in UTC, due to changes to the Runtime database in Opsview 3.
 +The URL path /nagvis can be used to access Nagvis, provided the user's role has the [[opsview4.6:access#access_levels|NAGVIS access]]. More information about Nagvis can be found in the [[opsview4.6:nagvis:using|User Guide]].
 +===== OS specific installation =====
 +Nagvis source files are installed as part of the Opsview install. However, there are steps required to install prerequisite software. See the appropriate page depending your OS:
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:debian|Debian, Ubuntu]]
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:redhat|Redhat 5, CentOS 5]]
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:sles|SLES 11]]
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:solaris|Solaris]]
 +Then follow the common configuration instructions:
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:configuration|Common configuration]]
 +===== General information =====
 +If you have any problems with setting up Nagvis, you can check:
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]]
 +If you are updating from a previous version of Nagvis, see some hints and tips:
 +  * [[opsview4.6:nagvis:migrating|Migrating from older versions of Nagvis]]