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 +====== Monitors ======
 +This tab is available on the host edit and the host template edit screen. It provides a simple way of associated service checks against a host or a host template.
 +By clicking on the checkbox, the service check is then associated against the host. Submit to save the changes. Reload to take effect.
 +There are two possible states for service checks in the host template Monitors list:
 +  * enabled - this service check will be associated against this host template
 +  * disabled - the service check will not be associated against this host template
 +However, on the host edit pages, there are three states:
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:checkbox_addition.png|enabled}} enabled
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:checkbox_empty.png|disabled}} disabled
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:checkbox_exclusion.png|excluded}} excluded - this service check will be excluded from subsequent host templates
 +The host template edit page only has disabled and enabled options for service checks.
 +When you enable a service check that is an active check, there are extra buttons that appear:
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:exception4.png|}} exceptions - click on this to create an exception by [[servicecheck#arguments|changing the arguments]] for this host
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:timed_exception4.png|}} timed exception - click on this to create a timed exception, by changing the arguments only during the specified time period
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:command.png|event handler}} event handler - click on this to add the location for an [[opsview4.6:usingeventhandlers|event handler]] to get run when the service changes state
 +  * {{:opsview4.6:help4.png|}} help - to get the active check's plugin help in a new window
 +===== Event Handlers =====
 +The event handlers configuration is only available at the host level - you cannot configure host templates with event handlers.
 +Since a service check can have an [[opsview4.6:servicecheck#event_handler|event handler defined]], the rules when creating a service is:
 +  * if the host has an event handler defined for that service, use that
 +  * otherwise, if the service check has an event handler defined, use that
 +  * otherwise, no event handler is defined
 +**Note**: It is not possible to disable a service check's event handler.
 +===== Excluded service checks =====
 +When a service check is excluded at the host level, then this service check will be ignored from subsequent host templates.
 +You can use the //Resolve service checks// option in the hosts popup menu to see which service checks are excluded.