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 +====== Module ======
 +This lists all the modules installed in Opsview and determines the links and the order of them displayed in the Modules menu list.
 +You can reorder the items by clicking on Reorder and dragging the order of the modules.
 +===== Name =====
 +This is the name of the module, which is what will be used to display in the menus.
 +===== Namespace =====
 +The namespace must be unique for all modules, to avoid clashes in future for new menu items. We recommend you use a namespace of your reverse DNS name. For instance, Opsview modules will use the convention:
 +===== Description =====
 +Free text to describe the module
 +===== URL =====
 +URL to goto for this menu item. Use an absolute path based on the current Opsview server. Use a <nowiki>http://</nowiki> prefix if you want to go to a different web location.
 +===== Access =====
 +Add the required Opsview access required to see this menu item. If the user does not have this access level, then the menu item will not be displayed.  From Opsview 3.13.1, multiple values may be comma separated
 +===== Enabled =====
 +Click on this link to disable the menu item.