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Manual Subscription Activations

Please note that manual activation is only supported for Opsview Enterprise customers.

For other information on Opsview subscriptions please refer to the managing your subscription document.

Before You Start

Please make sure you've completed the following steps first:

  • Complete installation of Opsview software on your target server
  • Ensure that you have received an email from Opsview containing your software key (Entitlement ID (EID))

1. Access the Opsview License Server

Access the Opsview license server using the following URL: https://entitlements.opsview.com/

2. Enter Your Software Key (Entitlement ID (EID))

3. Review Your Subscription Details

4. Obtain Your Client Info String From Your System

In a separate browser window, navigate to your Opsview server, for example at http://youropsviewserver.example.com/activation/manual, to obtain your client info string and copy it.

5. Enter the Client Information for Your System

6. Download or Email the License String for Your System

In this example, 'Email' has been clicked and the key information has been sent to my email:

7. Paste your License String into Opsview

Navigate to http://youropsviewserver.example.com/activation/manual of your system and enter the full license string:

8. Confirm successful activation

9. Login to Opsview

If this is your first time into Opsview, login with username Admin, password initial.