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Managing Your Opsview Subscription

To use Opsview, you will need to purchase an Opsview subscription. A subscription consists of a collection of licenses which enable features in Opsview for a specific amount of time.

To activate Opsview and add a subscription, you will need a software key. You will receive your software key by email when you purchase your Opsview subscription.

Adding Your First Subscription to Opsview

Before You Start

Please make sure you've completed the following steps before trying to activate Opsview:

  • Complete installation of Opsview software on your target server
  • Confirm that your Opsview server has internet access in order to complete the activation process
  • Ensured that you have received an email from Opsview containing your software key

Opsview communicates over HTTP with SSL to the License Management server, entitlements.opsview.com, over TCP port 443.

Activating Your Opsview Subscription

Open your web browser and enter the address of your Opsview server. You will then be prompted to enter your software key:

On success, you will get a confirmation screen:

You can now login to Opsview, with username Admin, password initial.

Checking Your Subscription Details

Select the Your Opsview Subscription entry in the Help menu:

Note: The number of hosts is based on the number of configured hosts in Opsview. This may be different from this list of monitored hosts because hosts without any services are not counted.

This will give a summary of all the features enabled from your subscription:

Adding Additional Subscriptions to Opsview

To add a new subscription, access the Opsview subscription summary via the Opsview's Help Menu and click the Add a software key button.

Then enter your software key into the activation screen:

Manual Subscription Activations

If you need to perform a manual activation of your Opsview subscription then please follow these manual activation instructions.


If the Activation Process Fails

There are two scenarios that can cause the activation process to fail:

  1. Opsview is unable to communicate with our License Management system. In this case you should enable communications from your Opsview server to https://entitlements.opsview.com/
  2. You have an invalid software key. In this case you should contact Opsview Customer Success Team

If you are an Opsview Enterprise customer and your system does not have internet access, then you should follow the manual activation instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Software Key For?

Your software key unlocks your Opsview subscription and allows you to use the features that you have paid for. Your Opsview subscription requires a valid software key in order to function.

How is the Subscription Locked to my Opsview Server?

At activation time, the subscription will take a fingerprint of your Opsview server based on the host name and the first Ethernet MAC address found (based on the order from running ifconfig). Using this information, you will receive licenses from our activation system.

If you change either of these, the subscription will be invalid and you will need to reactivate your Opsview server.

What Happens When My Subscription Expires?

You will be warned via the Opsview user interface and notification capability before your subscription expires. When your subscription expires, your Opsview system will stop functioning. When you connect to the web user interface you will be given the opportunity to enter a valid software key in order to unlock your system.

How Do I Get Help With My Subscription?

If you have a current Opsview subscription then you should speak to the Opsview Customer Success team. You should already have contact details, if not then please use these details.

If you do not have a Opsview subscription then please contact the Opsview sales team.

Can I Move My Opsview Subscription to a New Server or Virtual Machine?

Yes, although it will be necessary to reactivate your subscription on that server.

  • If this is a planned migration then we recommend that you contact us first for a new software key
  • If this is an unplanned or emergency migration then we recommend that you contact us afterwards for a new software key

Your software key will only allow a small number of activations. Once you've reached the limit it will be necessary to obtain a new software key from the Opsview Customer Success team.

How Do I Activate Via a Web Proxy?

Activation happens via HTTPS, so your proxy will need to support the HTTPS protocol. Before starting Opsview, make sure the shell's environment has HTTPS_PROXY set to the proxy address.