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Opsview Hyper-V Virtual Machine


Introduced with Opsview 4.6.1, the Opsview Hyper-V virtual machine is intended to provide a demonstration package for easily evaluating Opsview. Licensed, it can be used in a production environment.


The image can be downloaded from the Opsview download site.


  1. Unzip the downloaded .zip file somewhere. A directory called 'Opsview Appliance' will be created, containing the necessary files.
  2. Right click on your Hyper-V server and choose the import option.
  3. Browse to and select the 'Opsview Appliance' directory. Ignore the warning, which is about an invalid filename.
  4. Once imported, right click on the Opsview Appliance virtual machine, and choose Hard Drive.
  5. Browse to and select the .vhd file in 'Opsview Appliance\Virtual Hard Disks\'. The actual name of the file will vary, depending on the version of the appliance downloaded.
  6. Click 'OK'. The Opsview Appliance virtual machine can now be started.

Initial Configuration

For further configuration within the appliance itself, please refer to the VMware page.