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Host icons

There is a script to allow for adding and removing host icons. The icons themselves must be 40×40 and in PNG format.

The command has documentation within it (use hosticon_admin –help).

Adding new host icons

Ensure the following package is installed:

Tool Debian/Ubuntu Package Name RHEL/CentOS Package Name Sun Solaris Package Name
Image Magick imagemagick ImageMagick SUNWimagick

These allow the initial image to be converted into the different sizes as required.

Run the following as nagios:

hosticon_admin add 'LOGO - hosticon' /path/to/hosticon.png

This will install the icon into the correct directory and create the other necessary image files.

Removing host icons

Hosticons are removed from the configuration but they are not removed from the filesystem.

Obtain the exact name of the icon by

hosticon_admin list

Then run the following as nagios user:

hosticon_admin remove 'LOGO - hosticon'