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 +====== Host Groups ======
 +A host can belong to only one host group - this is a deliberate decision to simplify grouping of hosts. This means that the Host Group Hierarchy status page represents everything only once.
 +Use [[opsview4.6:keyword|keywords]] if you want to group hosts together. You can create a [[opsview4.6:host_groups_hierarchy|hierarchy for host groups]] - this is used to define the host group drill down in the status pages.
 +In the list screen, you can drag and drop a host to move it between host groups.
 +===== Creating Host Groups =====
 +When you create a host group and you do not define what the parent host group is, Opsview will work out which is the best host group to use as the parent. The rules are:
 +  * Use the highest non-leaf host group the user has access to, or
 +  * Find a leaf without any hosts, or
 +  * For the first leaf, use the same parent
 +Opsview will also automatically add the access for the newly created host group to the current user's role, so that it will be available as soon as there is a reload.