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Full file system locks Opsview's daemons

If the filesystems used by opsview (eg. /var/log/opsview, /usr/local/nagios/var) become full, then opsview's daemons lock up waiting to get a lock on the log files. It was also noted that import_runtime has multiple copies as they all wait for the lock to be released. In such cases the following steps need to be taken to ensure daemons do not lock up again.

Fix full filesystem issue

  • Stop Opsview and Opsview Web
/etc/init.d/opsview stop
/etc/init.d/opsview-web stop
  • Remove files from the affected directory
  • Fix root cause which is filling up the file system
  • Reboot master server

Setup Filesystem Monitoring

The master host template has been updated to monitor the following directories.

  • /
  • /var/log/opsview
  • /tmp
  • /var/opt/opsview
  • /opt/opsview/work
  • /usr/local/nagios
  • /usr/local/nagios/var