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 +====== Embedded checks ======
 +These are services that are automatically generated by Opsview. They are usually services that there are multiple versions of.
 +There are 3 types of embedded checks:
 +  * SNMP Interfaces - for the selected interfaces on the host edit page under the SNMP tab
 +  * Slave node - for checks of slave connectivity from the Opsview master
 +  * Cluster node - for clustered slaves, to check the ssh connectivity between each other and handle failover
 +There are common options between all these checks:
 +===== Service Group =====
 +This is key to the [[access|access control]]. Define the service group to be a logical grouping of service checks that are commonly dealt with by a particular person or team.
 +===== Notify on =====
 +Choose which states this servicecheck should notify on. A service is considered flapping if there are more than 7 state changes over the last 20 checks.
 +**Note**: There are no notification options for the cluster node checks. You can get alerted for this failure via the slave node checks.
 +==== Notification Period ====
 +The period of time during which notifications are sent to contacts for all alert states - can be overriden in the host configuration.
 +==== Renotification Interval ====
 +Period of time (in minutes unless configured otherwise) after which a notification is resent if the service is still unhandled - can be overridden in the host configuration.
 +===== Check Interval =====
 +This is the interval between checks for an active check. The default is 5 minutes.
 +===== Max Check Attempts =====
 +When the plugin returns a non-OK state, this service will run for this many check attempts before raising a notification. The default is 3 failures before notifications are sent.
 +===== Retry interval =====
 +If a service is in a failed state, but before any notifications have been sent, the retry interval is set here.
 +When a notification has been sent, the service will switch back to being checked at the normal frequency level.