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 +======Debian/Ubuntu Agent ======
 +The Opsview Debian/Ubuntu agent is available for download, pre-packaged from the link below:
 +====== Compiling and Packaging a Debian/Ubuntu Agent ======
 +This page details how to build the Debian and Ubuntu agents and assumes some basic understanding on compilation on these platforms.
 +===== From the source repository =====
 +==== Prerequisites ====
 +==== Basic Steps ====
 +The follow these steps:
 +cd $HOME
 +test -d svnroot || mkdir svnroot
 +cd svnroot
 +svn co https://secure.opsview.com/svn/opsview/trunk opsview
 +cd opsview
 +make version
 +cd opsview-base
 +===== Customisations =====
 +Additional perl/script plugins can be added into the agent by putting the code into the ''altinity-plugins'' directory and also adding an entry into the ''Makefile'' (search for ''ALTINITYPLUG'' in the Makefile to see an example).
 +Appropriate changes will also need to be made to the ''nrpe.cfg.in'' file so the new plugins are automatically included within the agent configuration.