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This page lists the major changes between releases This page lists the major changes between releases
 +====== Opsview 4.6.4 =======
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Fixed BSM dashlet linking to status pages when webroot is moved
 +  * Fixed occasional deadlock issue when host groups are being modified during the post reload process
 +  * Fixed rare web page issue where no data is sent to the browser
 +  * Fixed Nagios crash when worker had connection issue
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in SNMP agent and SNMP Trap. This issue was discovered by Matthew Kienow of Inokii and reported by Rapid7 (R7-2015-21)
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in Discovery app
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in Dashboard app
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in BSM app
 +  * Fixed Auto-discovery issue where a deleted host template causes scan listing to fail
 +  * Added X-Frame-Options to avoid clickjacking
 +  * Resolved an security vulnerability which could have allowed unauthenticated access to the file system of an Opsview Monitor system by issuing a specially crafted HTTP GET request
 +====== Opsview 4.6.3 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Added SSL certificate and restricted ciphers support to Opsview Agent (Linux & Windows) (SC#00010009)
 +  * Added support for a separate, replicated, read-only database for following REST status calls: /rest/status/hostgroup, /rest/status/host, /rest/status/service, /rest/status/viewport, /rest/event
 +  * New Opspacks: Application - Apache Solr, Application - Dell Hardware, Application - Docker, Application - Elasticsearch, Application - MDRAID, Application - Microsoft Hyper-V, Application - Opsview BSM, Cloud - AWS - Overall Status, Cloud - Salesforce, Cloud - Service Cloud
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * Failure resistant master-slave SSH tunnels management (SC#00010259)
 +  * Amend opsview_sync_ldap to replace invalid characters in Fullname/Description field (SC#00009967)
 +  * Add check_ro_mounts to Opsview agent to check if file system has become read only (SC#00009020)
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * RRDs thresholds are no longer supported
 +  * VMware Autodiscovery scans assume that guest hosts are up
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Fixed notification profile listing icon in user preference page when user did not have NOTIFYSOME (OP-6640)
 +  * Fixed deletion of modules from marking a reload required
 +  * Fixed REST API for /rest/status/viewport to correctly consider the "exclude handled" configuration flag for keywords. Without this fix, there were differences between the keyword summary view and the keyword dashlets (OP-7218)
 +  * Fixed issue where sometimes services in warning were not ordered correctly and mingled with services in unknown state
 +  * Fixed XSS issue where events view could display links in plugin output. Fixed markdown output from displaying links
 +  * Fixed expansion of the host attributes within URL encoded arguments (SC#00008299)
 +====== Opsview 4.6.2 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Ability to install Opsview with remote database using the simplified installation process
 +  * Opsview Diagnostics is available to download via opsview UI
 +  * New notification methods added: HipChat, Slack and Twilio
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * Categories added to the type of Auditlog and can be filtered according to categories
 +  * Host templates have event handler overrides like hosts
 +  * check_jmx plugin has been updated
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * Monitoring Plugins updated to version 2.1.1
 +  * New simplified installation proces
 +  * Changes to BSM components will flag that reload is required
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Fixed regression in check_http preventing using proxy with HTTPS
 +  * Fixed Auto-Discovery edit windows when WINCREDENTIALS attribute did not exist
 +  * Fixed Opsview Web so invalid logins set a 401 HTTP status code rather than show catalyst_detach
 +  * Increased timeout for Dashboard's REST API calls so long running calls are processed correctly
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in BSM configuration app
 +  * Fixed Dashboard performance graph dashlet showing incorrect timezone in hover over of plot point
 +  * Fixed Dashboard flow analyzer dashlets to use same time duration as in investigate window mode
 +  * Fixed Dashboard permission checking for read only users
 +  * Fixed timezone issues in dashboard system status dashlet, flow analyzer investigate window and events view new events time
 +  * Fixed BSM configuration app when CONFIGUREBSM is removed
 +  * Fixed BSM configuration app issues where valid fields were erroneously highlighted as invalid
 +  * Fixed Regression in Query to create host object
 +  * Fixed REST API responses for encrypted RANCID password
 +====== Opsview 4.6.1 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * VictorOps is now officially supported by Opsview
 +  * SLES 11 support has been updated to SP3 (deprecating SP2)
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * An icon has been added to the Keyword’s summary to reflect when downtime has been applied to a service checks in keyword.
 +  * check_snmp_cisco has been updated to include temperature metrics
 +  * Dependency failure messages have been modified to include more information to help aid the investigation of the root cause
 +  * Reduced number of system calls by over 50% when calling Events REST API
 +  * Slave node check now verifies Opsview version and configuration time
 +  * Upgrade ignores failing slave nodes to avoid breaking package installation
 +  * Dashboard process map now groups related calls together, reducing REST API requests
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * The default apache files that ship with JasperSoft are now removed by default
 +  * Clarified documentation that slave server should run in the same time zone as Master, otherwise timeperiod settings will be affected
 +  * Added concurrent_ad_jobs configuration option for number of autodiscovery scan background process jobs run in parallel
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * The all problems handled tick now only appears on keywords when services/hosts are in the keyword with a non-OK status that are acknowledged or have downtime
 +  * Fixed issue upgrading where opsview-agent is hanging on slave systems
 +  * Fixed Nagios issue where host recovery notifications not sent for notification profiles where "stop alerts after" was set
 +  * Reload notifies which slave nodes were updated
 +  * Fixed CSS issue where deep host group hierarchies were getting truncated in the breadcrumbs on the status pages
 +  * Fixed ODW calculations when multiple results received within the same second
 +  * Fixed sourcing of perl libraries for check_sql_advanced plugin
 +  * Fixed check_snmp_interfaces_cascade issue where connection to some SNMPv3 devices failed
 +  * Fixed check_apache_performance putting all data points on one graph, despite having different metrics
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby the check_apache_performance plugin returns the wrong performance data
 +  * Fixed Dashboard issue where keywords cells dashlet was not listing description field correctly
 +  * Fixed Auto-discovery issue where check period was set to null. Now all hosts will have the first check period set, which is the 24x7
 +  * Fixed Events Timeline dashlet where a long call does not block a subsequent refresh
 +  * Fixed excessive truncation of deep host group paths
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby the flapping service stays in flapping state after flap detection has been disabled
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby Test Service Check did not respect exceptions for a host
 +  * Fixed Opsview Agent to report OS information at runtime
 +  * Fixed Opsview VA imports to VMware ESXi
 +  * Fixed integration issue with Puppet and Opsview Security Wallet
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby non-secure attributes are not shown within Test Service Check
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby BSM notifications are now disabled when the 'turn of all notifications' option in 'System preferences' is selected
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby check_snmp_noprocesses does not return performance data
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby the Disk Queue Service Check returns an internal server error
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby running the opsview_ldap_script caused a failure (patch provided by Oliver Gorwits)
 +  * Fixed the path to rpcinfo for check_rpc (patch provided by David Blum)
 +  * Fixed the path to utils.pm for check_dir_age (patch provided by Steve Le Page)
====== Opsview 4.6.0 ======= ====== Opsview 4.6.0 =======
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  * Fixed Nagios issue where notifications sent out even though downtime already has been set. Only occurs just after a reload where lots of results are sent via the external command pipe   * Fixed Nagios issue where notifications sent out even though downtime already has been set. Only occurs just after a reload where lots of results are sent via the external command pipe
  * Fixed check_http_authentication where warning and critical thresholds were not being respected correctly   * Fixed check_http_authentication where warning and critical thresholds were not being respected correctly