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This page lists the major changes between releases This page lists the major changes between releases
-TODO+====== Opsview 4.6.4 ======= 
 +===== Fixes ===== 
 +  * Fixed BSM dashlet linking to status pages when webroot is moved 
 +  * Fixed occasional deadlock issue when host groups are being modified during the post reload process 
 +  * Fixed rare web page issue where no data is sent to the browser 
 +  * Fixed Nagios crash when worker had connection issue 
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in SNMP agent and SNMP Trap. This issue was discovered by Matthew Kienow of Inokii and reported by Rapid7 (R7-2015-21) 
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in Discovery app 
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in Dashboard app 
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in BSM app 
 +  * Fixed Auto-discovery issue where a deleted host template causes scan listing to fail 
 +  * Added X-Frame-Options to avoid clickjacking 
 +  * Resolved an security vulnerability which could have allowed unauthenticated access to the file system of an Opsview Monitor system by issuing a specially crafted HTTP GET request
 +====== Opsview 4.6.3 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Added SSL certificate and restricted ciphers support to Opsview Agent (Linux & Windows) (SC#00010009)
 +  * Added support for a separate, replicated, read-only database for following REST status calls: /rest/status/hostgroup, /rest/status/host, /rest/status/service, /rest/status/viewport, /rest/event
 +  * New Opspacks: Application - Apache Solr, Application - Dell Hardware, Application - Docker, Application - Elasticsearch, Application - MDRAID, Application - Microsoft Hyper-V, Application - Opsview BSM, Cloud - AWS - Overall Status, Cloud - Salesforce, Cloud - Service Cloud
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * Failure resistant master-slave SSH tunnels management (SC#00010259)
 +  * Amend opsview_sync_ldap to replace invalid characters in Fullname/Description field (SC#00009967)
 +  * Add check_ro_mounts to Opsview agent to check if file system has become read only (SC#00009020)
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * RRDs thresholds are no longer supported
 +  * VMware Autodiscovery scans assume that guest hosts are up
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Fixed notification profile listing icon in user preference page when user did not have NOTIFYSOME (OP-6640)
 +  * Fixed deletion of modules from marking a reload required
 +  * Fixed REST API for /rest/status/viewport to correctly consider the "exclude handled" configuration flag for keywords. Without this fix, there were differences between the keyword summary view and the keyword dashlets (OP-7218)
 +  * Fixed issue where sometimes services in warning were not ordered correctly and mingled with services in unknown state
 +  * Fixed XSS issue where events view could display links in plugin output. Fixed markdown output from displaying links
 +  * Fixed expansion of the host attributes within URL encoded arguments (SC#00008299)
 +====== Opsview 4.6.2 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Ability to install Opsview with remote database using the simplified installation process
 +  * Opsview Diagnostics is available to download via opsview UI
 +  * New notification methods added: HipChat, Slack and Twilio
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * Categories added to the type of Auditlog and can be filtered according to categories
 +  * Host templates have event handler overrides like hosts
 +  * check_jmx plugin has been updated
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * Monitoring Plugins updated to version 2.1.1
 +  * New simplified installation proces
 +  * Changes to BSM components will flag that reload is required
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Fixed regression in check_http preventing using proxy with HTTPS
 +  * Fixed Auto-Discovery edit windows when WINCREDENTIALS attribute did not exist
 +  * Fixed Opsview Web so invalid logins set a 401 HTTP status code rather than show catalyst_detach
 +  * Increased timeout for Dashboard's REST API calls so long running calls are processed correctly
 +  * Fixed XSS issues in BSM configuration app
 +  * Fixed Dashboard performance graph dashlet showing incorrect timezone in hover over of plot point
 +  * Fixed Dashboard flow analyzer dashlets to use same time duration as in investigate window mode
 +  * Fixed Dashboard permission checking for read only users
 +  * Fixed timezone issues in dashboard system status dashlet, flow analyzer investigate window and events view new events time
 +  * Fixed BSM configuration app when CONFIGUREBSM is removed
 +  * Fixed BSM configuration app issues where valid fields were erroneously highlighted as invalid
 +  * Fixed Regression in Query to create host object
 +  * Fixed REST API responses for encrypted RANCID password
 +====== Opsview 4.6.1 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * VictorOps is now officially supported by Opsview
 +  * SLES 11 support has been updated to SP3 (deprecating SP2)
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * An icon has been added to the Keyword’s summary to reflect when downtime has been applied to a service checks in keyword.
 +  * check_snmp_cisco has been updated to include temperature metrics
 +  * Dependency failure messages have been modified to include more information to help aid the investigation of the root cause
 +  * Reduced number of system calls by over 50% when calling Events REST API
 +  * Slave node check now verifies Opsview version and configuration time
 +  * Upgrade ignores failing slave nodes to avoid breaking package installation
 +  * Dashboard process map now groups related calls together, reducing REST API requests
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * The default apache files that ship with JasperSoft are now removed by default
 +  * Clarified documentation that slave server should run in the same time zone as Master, otherwise timeperiod settings will be affected
 +  * Added concurrent_ad_jobs configuration option for number of autodiscovery scan background process jobs run in parallel
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * The all problems handled tick now only appears on keywords when services/hosts are in the keyword with a non-OK status that are acknowledged or have downtime
 +  * Fixed issue upgrading where opsview-agent is hanging on slave systems
 +  * Fixed Nagios issue where host recovery notifications not sent for notification profiles where "stop alerts after" was set
 +  * Reload notifies which slave nodes were updated
 +  * Fixed CSS issue where deep host group hierarchies were getting truncated in the breadcrumbs on the status pages
 +  * Fixed ODW calculations when multiple results received within the same second
 +  * Fixed sourcing of perl libraries for check_sql_advanced plugin
 +  * Fixed check_snmp_interfaces_cascade issue where connection to some SNMPv3 devices failed
 +  * Fixed check_apache_performance putting all data points on one graph, despite having different metrics
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby the check_apache_performance plugin returns the wrong performance data
 +  * Fixed Dashboard issue where keywords cells dashlet was not listing description field correctly
 +  * Fixed Auto-discovery issue where check period was set to null. Now all hosts will have the first check period set, which is the 24x7
 +  * Fixed Events Timeline dashlet where a long call does not block a subsequent refresh
 +  * Fixed excessive truncation of deep host group paths
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby the flapping service stays in flapping state after flap detection has been disabled
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby Test Service Check did not respect exceptions for a host
 +  * Fixed Opsview Agent to report OS information at runtime
 +  * Fixed Opsview VA imports to VMware ESXi
 +  * Fixed integration issue with Puppet and Opsview Security Wallet
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby non-secure attributes are not shown within Test Service Check
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby BSM notifications are now disabled when the 'turn of all notifications' option in 'System preferences' is selected
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby check_snmp_noprocesses does not return performance data
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby the Disk Queue Service Check returns an internal server error
 +  * Fixed an issue whereby running the opsview_ldap_script caused a failure (patch provided by Oliver Gorwits)
 +  * Fixed the path to rpcinfo for check_rpc (patch provided by David Blum)
 +  * Fixed the path to utils.pm for check_dir_age (patch provided by Steve Le Page)
 +====== Opsview 4.6.0 =======
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Security Wallet - all passwords are now hidden from the user interface and encrypted in the database. Connections to databases can optionally be encrypted. It is not possible to retrieve passwords in clear text from the REST API. Opsview slaves will also have unique encryption keys that are not the same as the master's. More information in our [[opsview4.6:securitywallet|documentation]]
 +  * Attributes can now be encrypted for user specified data
 +  * New platforms supported: RHEL 7, CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04
 +  * Support for sFlow devices in addition to NetFlow
 +===== Enhancements =====
 +  * Monitoring Plugins are now used in preference to Nagios Plugins
 +  * Perl modules upgraded to Aug 2014
 +  * Improved error message on SNMPv3 test connections where privacy password or privacy protocol is incorrect
 +  * Added an include_ms=1 for /rest/config/host to identify if a host is a master or used as a monitoring server
 +  * Dashboard events timeline dashlet uses a new dynamic refresh counter
 +  * REST API for hosts can optionally include SNMP interfaces
 +===== Notices =====
 +  * As part of this upgrade, we remove any NetFlow source that does not have a valid IPv4 address
 +  * Due to changes to support password encryption, sensitive data is no longer returned via the REST API, such as SNMP credentials and encrypted host attributes. This may affect clients that expect the data to be present, including [[opsview4.6:upgrading|Puppet module]]
 +  * SNMP traps will now get recorded with the community string hidden and set to 5 asterisks
 +  * Resolve service checks page will be removed in this release, but a new enhanced version will be available in the next release
 +  * On upgrade from previous versions of Opsview, attributes will not be automatically converted to be encrypted. See [[opsview4.6:securitywallet|documentation]] for more information
 +  * REST API validation rules have been tightened for the labels of SNMP polling service checks
 +  * Apache is now restarted on all platforms as part of Opsview Web install - make sure that Apache is correctly configured before upgrading
 +  * check_snmp_interfaces has a different structure for state data, so you may get an initial alert for differences
 +  * check_http_authentication now checks SSL certificates by default - disable with --no-certificate-checking
 +  * CentOS 5 and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid are no longer supported for Opsview master
 +  * IE8 and below will get a warning message on the login page as these versions of IE are no longer supported
 +  * Safari and IE8 are deprecated browsers
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Restored RRDGRAPHS as an access point for Public roles
 +  * Remove ndolog files if a rename fails, used during debugging
 +  * Fixed autodiscovery issue when running VMware scan from a slave, including capturing stderr for debugging
 +  * Fixed empty list of host templates when editing service checks
 +  * Fixed Dashboard issue where cannot add a shared dashboard with UTF-8 characters
 +  * Fixed Dashboard where discrepency between Keyword List view and configuration list (OP-268)
 +  * Fixed Dashboard Keyword List and Top Service Issues sorting of status, so critical > warning > unknown > ok
 +  * Fixed Dashboard Top Services by Metric so that always lists the highest metric values, displays values as floating points and subsorts by hostname
 +  * Fixed Dashboard events views where filtering of host was ignoring service events and vice-versa
 +  * Fixed Dashboard stacked graphs where a metric of 0 was causing the entire stack to be empty
 +  * Fixed Dashboard issue showing BSM Dashlets with N/A for availability when it should be 0% (OP-1395)
 +  * Fixed Dashboard process map unnecessarily loading background image (OP-598)
 +  * Fixed smbclient dependencies for check_disk_smb
 +  * Fixed query host issue where interfaces with trailing white space were not getting matched with existing selected interfaces (OP-2531)
 +  * Blocked sorting of unsortable columns in events view (OP-2979)
 +  * Fixed issue with BSM configuration where Update button would not be enabled (OP-3107)
 +  * Fixed issue where BSM services/components not listing beyond first 50 records (OP-3478)
 +  * Fixed Nagios allowing acknowledgements when host/service already acknowledged
 +  * Fixed Nagios issue where notifications sent out even though downtime already has been set. Only occurs just after a reload where lots of results are sent via the external command pipe
 +  * Fixed check_http_authentication where warning and critical thresholds were not being respected correctly