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Best Practices for Configuration

Name Resolution

If you use host names for host configuration, then it is recommended you setup some name caching on your Opsview system (master and slaves). This reduces the dependency on your name resolution service (DNS, ActiveDirectory or other similar service).

You can use nscd to provide caching.

Time Zones

All times stored in the database are in UTC.

The Opsview Web user interface displays times based on the master server's time zone.

Opsview slaves will send their results back to the master with a UTC timestamp, but we recommend that slaves use the same time zone as the master to reduce confusion.

Duplication of host check as a service

While the host check acts as an automatic dependency for all services on it, we recommend that you have a service check that runs regularly to determine host availability too. See the important concepts page for more information.

The default initial database has a service check called Connectivity - LAN which belongs to the service group Network - Base and is in the template called Network - Base. If you assign this template to all your hosts, you can be sure that this service will be available on all your networked devices, and this service group will allow you to overcome the limitation around choosing objects for access control.