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 +====== Using audible alerts in Opsview ======
 +We recommend you use the [[opsview4.6:eventsview|Events view]] for audible alerts, as that can show you which changes occurred. However, if you want audible alerts from the NagiosĀ® Core CGI pages, such as status.cgi, you must configure Opsview to allow this.
 +Add the following line to the ''opsview.conf'' file within ''/usr/local/nagios/etc/''.
 +$overrides .= <<'EOF';
 +You may make your own custom sounds, if you wish. Just put them in the /usr/local/nagios/share/media directory.
 +Edit the Apache proxy configuration (if being used) and ensure the following line exists in the ''ProxyPass'' directives.
 +  ProxyPass /media !
 +Restart Apache and reload the Opsview configuration.  Alerts should now be enabled from the Nagios Core CGIs.