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Monitoring Agents

Opsview supports the use of monitoring agents to gather data from remote devices. The most common types of monitoring agents used with Opsview are SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor).

Opsview Agents

We provide an Opsview monitoring agent for some operating systems. Only the agent package should be installed rather than all of the Opsview packages.

Linux/Unix Opsview Agent

The Unix/Linux agent is based upon NRPE. Agents for Debian and Ubuntu are available in our apt repositories, while other agents are available from our download site.

Solaris Agent Specifics

After installing the Solaris Agent package in the normal way, the installation can be further secured by converting the nagios account to a role. This means the nagios account cannot be logged into, but any user with the SMF role can stop/restart the service and the configuration can only be changed by a user with suitable access.

usermod -K type=role nagios

See RBAC in the Solaris documentation for more information

Microsoft Agent

The Microsoft Windows agent is based upon NSClient++ and is available from our download site.

Generic Agents


SNMP agents are provided with all managed network devices such as switches, routers and firewalls. SNMP polling is the standard method for gathering data, monitoring plugins exist for all commonly used devices.

SNMP may also be used for server monitoring. Net-SNMP is a very capable agent for Unix / Linux system. Successful monitoring of Microsoft Windows servers usually requires purchase of a third party SNMP agent as the standard Microsoft agent is very limited.

Opsview is capable of processing SNMP traps sent by agents to the monitoring server.


NRPE provides two components:

NRPE plugin

This is installed on the monitoring server and queries remote NRPE agents.

You should always use the check_nrpe binary provided by Opsview as this increases the amount of data that can be returned from a remote NRPE agent from 1K to 16K.

NRPE daemon

NRPE is essentially a broker for running monitoring plugins on remote hosts, it performs the following tasks:

  • Accepts requests from NRPE plugin
  • Executes requested monitoring plugin installed on host
  • Responds with data supplied by monitoring plugin

SSL is used by default to encrypt data.

Although you can use any implementation of NRPE, it is limited by 1K of returned data. If you use the Opsview Agents, the NRPE daemon will return 16K worth of data.


NCClient++ (NSCP) is a simple but powerful monitoring agent for Microsoft Windows platforms.

Note: Only 1K of data is returned by NSClient++.