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Acknowledgements are a way of disabling notifications for a host/service. It allows the user to put a comment to show the current situation for that object. This is a way of handling “unplanned outages”.

If requested, an acknowledgement notification will be sent to all the contacts that get failure notifications.

Acknowledgements also put a host/service into a handled state, so that they can be displayed in different status views.

Types of Acknowledgements

There are two types of acknowledgement:

  • normal
  • sticky

With a normal acknowledgement, when a host or service changes state, the acknowledgement is cleared. With a sticky acknowledgement, only when the host or service returns to an UP or OK state will the acknowledgement be cleared.

Note: If you have a service in WARNING and you enter a sticky acknowledgement, then you will not receive a notification if the service transitions into a CRITICAL state.

If you need to disable notifications for a certain period of time, we recommend using scheduled downtime instead, as this fixes a time period for disabling notifications. Downtimes are also considered “handled”.

The comment associated with an acknowledgement will be removed when the acknowledgement is removed.

In a distributed environment, acknowledgements are sent to all slaves, but only the active slave (or cluster node) will process the acknowledgement. This means that the acknowledgement will be set at the slave as well as the master. However, this acknowledgement state will be synchronised at various times across all slaves or slave clusters - see the documentation for limitations you should be aware of.

Mass acknowledgements

This screen allows you to acknowledge lots of hosts or services all at once.

Only hosts/services that are in an unhandled state will be listed here. If a host is failed, then all the failed services on it are grouped together. The list is also filtered according to the services the current user is allowed to change.

When you submit, the changes are submitted to Nagios® Core, but may take a few moments to take effect.

Note: If a host is down or unreachable, but all its services are OK, then the host will not be listed. This is a limitation in the query that is run, but in most cases, a host failure will have at least 1 service in a failed state.


You have to add a comment for the acknowledgement. This will be stored with the acknowledgement and various views will update with it.


See the information above on the two types of acknowledgements.

Send Acknowledgement Notification

You can optionally choose to send out an acknowledgement notification. This will go to all contacts that would normally receive notifications for this host/service.

Toggle All Checkboxes

The Toggle All Checkboxes is a helper to enable/disable all subsequent checkboxes.