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 +====== SNMPv3 arguments in Service Checks ======
 +While Opsview's plugins have been updated to work with SNMPv3, the service check arguments were not changed to support the required parameters.
 +This has now been done, so all SNMP Opspacks shipped with Opsview will work out of the box with SNMPv3.
 +However, as a general rule, we do not change service check definitions across an upgrade, so the service checks will not support SNMPv3 automatically. There are two options:
 +  * Manually update the service check arguments. This involves adding the following arguments to each service check: '' -v $SNMP_VERSION$ -p $SNMP_PORT$ -U $SNMPV3_USERNAME$ -P $SNMPV3_AUTHPASSWORD$ -a $SNMPV3_AUTHPROTOCOL$ -e $SNMPV3_PRIVPROTOCOL$ -x $SNMPV3_PRIVPASSWORD$''
 +  * Force install the Opspack. This will overwrite any custom configuration you may have for the host template: ''/usr/local/nagios/bin/install_opspack -f /usr/local/nagios/import/opspacks/os-linux-snmp.tar.gz''