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 +===== Runtime database index changes =====
 +Upgrades may take some time due to index changes to runtime.nagios_servicechecks table. You can mitigate this by deleting old data first:
 +DELETE FROM nagios_servicechecks WHERE start_time <= (NOW() - INTERVAL 1 DAY)
 +This table is used to store every result from every check executed via NagiosĀ® Core. Normally, this table only holds 7 days worth of data, but will be migrated into ODW as part of the hourly import jobs. If you run the above statement to delete data older than a day, ensure that ODW is up to date first, otherwise you will lose the results and performance data.
 +If you are upgrading from Opsview 3.7.0 which had the housekeeping bug, you should run the above DELETE, otherwise there will be a lot of data to convert. As a rough estimate, about 700,000 rows takes about 5 minutes to convert