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 +===== New Performance Data in ODW =====
 +Performance data is now summarised in [[opsview-core:ODW]]. Existing systems that have [[opsview-core:systempreference#odw|ODW importing enabled]] will automatically have the new performance data included.
 +If you already have ODW importing, it will be possible to populate your previous history with summarised performance statistics:
 +SELECT MIN(start_datetime) FROM performance_hourly_summary; # If nothing, let the ODW import run first
 +INSERT INTO performance_hourly_summary
 + SELECT DATE_FORMAT(datetime, "%Y-%m-%d %H:00:00") AS start_hour,
 +  performance_label, avg(value), max(value), min(value), count(value),
 +  stddev_samp(value), stddev_pop(value), value, sum(value)
 + FROM performance_data
 + WHERE datetime < '{minimumstarttime}'
 + GROUP BY start_hour, performance_label;
 +Note that this INSERT statement may take a long time.