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 +===== NagiosĀ® Core instances in Runtime database =====
 +Due to a bug in NDOutils, it is possible to get duplicate instance ids in the nagios_instances table. However, the upgrade for this is broken in the Opsview 3.3.2 release. To test if you will be affected, run this:
 +mysql> use runtime
 +mysql> select min(instance_id) from nagios_instances where instance_name='default';
 +If this returns 1, then you can continue to upgrade. **Do not upgrade** if this is higher than 1. You will have to wait for the next Opsview release where the upgrade script has been fixed.
 +If you have already upgraded and have a problem where there are duplicate services for each host, see the [[opsview3:faq#i_have_duplicated_services_for_hosts|FAQ entry]] for this issue.