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 +===== Host group hierarchy constraint =====
 +Due to an improvement in the way host groups are searched, there is a new constraint which says that you cannot have the same host group name between two host groups that have the same parent. This means that the following hostgroups are invalid (comma separated):
 +  * Opsview,Production Systems,UK (id=5)
 +  * Opsview,Production Systems,UK (id=8)
 +However, you can still have duplicated names as long as the parent is not the same. The following is valid:
 +  * Opsview,Production Systems,Windows
 +  * Opsview,Development Systems,Windows
 +Before you do an upgrade, run the check_hostgroup_restrictions script from [[https://secure.opsera.com/svn/opsview/branches/BRAN-3.3/opsview-core/installer/check_hostgroup_restrictions]]. This script will run as part of the upgrade and will fail the upgrade if the restriction exists, so it is best to amend your host group hierarchy before the upgrade.