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 +====== Access Objects Moved to Roles ======
 +As [[opsview-core:access|access to objects]] is moved from [[opsview-core:contact#access_objects|contacts]] to [[opsview-core:role#access_objects|role definitions]], the upgrade script will migrate all existing contacts into suitable roles.
 +The upgrade steps will:
 +  * for each contact, see if this contact's role has had access information applied
 +  * if it hasn't, it will use this contact's access information to populate the role
 +  * if the role already has access information (from a previous contact), then it will compare all the current roles with their access information and if there is a match, this role is used
 +  * if it isn't exactly the same, then a new role is created called "{old role name} - {contact name}"
 +For example, let's say you have 4 contacts - John, Paul, George and Ringo - all using the "Liverpool administrators" role. The first three have their access information the same, but Ringo has missed out one keyword. After the upgrade, the first three would still have the role of "Liverpool administrators", but Ringo would have the role of a newly created "Liverpool administrators - Ringo".
 +As an Opsview administrator, you would have to review the list of roles and see if there are any that should either:
 +  * Be removed because of inconsistencies in the access object list (eg, move Ringo to "Liverpool administrators" and delete "Liverpool administrators - Ringo")
 +  * Rename the role due to differences with the old role (eg, rename "Liverpool administrators - Ringo" to "Liverpool drummers")