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You can customise the roles available in Opsview for assigning to contacts.

List view

The default list of roles covers the most common roles. The two roles, Public and Authenticated user, are system roles and cannot be deleted. The accesses for these two roles will be inherited by all other roles (and thus cannot be disabled).

If you select Reorder, you can reorder the configurable roles. This will be the display order in the contacts edit page.

Edit view


The name of the role.


Free text to describe the role.


A list of access that this role is allowed. The access list is based on all the system access available.

The access CONFIGUREHOSTS has extra parameters, where you can define the filter for which hosts are visible for contacts of this role.

Host Groups

You can select where in the host group hierarchy this role is allowed to configure. You can select multiple host groups and all host groups below will also be selected. The list page for hosts will only show appropriate hosts for contacts with this role.

You must select at least 1 host group. If you want to enable access for all host groups, just select the top level host group.


This is available from Opsview 3.11.0 onwards.

Access to objects is defined by host groups, service groups and keywords. See the access page for more information.

This defines the list of objects all contacts for this role can:

  • view (if they have VIEWSOME access)
  • action such as acknowledge or scheduled downtime (if they have ACTIONSOME access)

Note that this defines access control. A contact defines their notification via their notification profiles.

Authorised for Host Groups

Select host groups. All host groups will dynamically include all defined host groups.

Note: If you remove host groups here, then notification profiles for this contact referencing those host groups will automatically have those host groups removed as well. The list of host groups here is a superset of the host groups allowed for a contact's notification profiles.

Authorised for Service Groups

Select service groups. See host groups for more information.

Authorised for Keywords

Select keywords. See host groups for more information.

Note: If a host or service is in multiple keywords, it is considered once for the purposes of access control.