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Compiling and Packaging a RHEL/CentOS Agent

This page details how to build the RHEL and CentOS agents and assumes some basic understanding on compilation on these platforms.


  • rpmbuild package

Note: the rpmbuild process will state further prerequisite rpm's to install.

Basic Steps

You can optionally set the environment variable 'distrib' to be appropriate for the platform, i.e.:

distrib=rh5 # RHEL 5 system
distrib=ct4 # CentOS 4 system

The follow these steps:

cd $HOME
test -d svnroot || mkdir svnroot 
cd svnroot
svn co http://svn.opsview.org/opsview/trunk opsview
cd opsview
make version 
cd opsview-base
make agent-tar VERSION=$(cat version)
cd ..
sudo rpmbuild --define "distribution $distrib" --clean -ta opsview-agent-*.tar.gz

The agent RPM should then be available in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/<arch>/


Additional perl/script plugins can be added into the agent by putting the code into the altinity-plugins directory and also adding an entry into the Makefile (search for ALTINITYPLUG in the Makefile to see an example).

Appropriate changes will also need to be made to the nrpe.cfg.in file so the new plugins are automatically included within the agent configuration.