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This tab is available on the host edit and the host template edit screen. It provides a simple way of associating service checks against a host or a host template.

By clicking on the checkbox, the service check is then associated against the host. Submit to save the changes. Reload to take effect.

There are two possible states for service checks in the host template Monitors list:

  • enabled - this service check will be associated against this host template
  • disabled - the service check will not be associated against this host template

However, on the host edit pages, there are three states:

  • enabled enabled
  • disabled disabled
  • excluded excluded - this service check will be excluded from subsequent host templates

The host template edit page only has disabled and enabled options for service checks.

When you click on a service check that is an active check, there are extra buttons that appear:

  • exception exceptions - click on this to create an exception by changing the arguments for this host
  • timed exception - click on this to create a timed exception, by changing the arguments only during the specified time period
  • event handler event handler - click on this to add the location for an event handler to get run when the service changes state
  • help - to get the active check's plugin help in a new window

Event Handlers

The event handlers configuration is only available at the host level - you cannot configure host templates with event handlers.

Since a service check can have an event handler defined, the rules when creating a service is:

  • if the host has an event handler defined for that service, use that
  • otherwise, if the service check has an event handler defined, use that
  • otherwise, no event handler is defined

Note: It is not possible to disable a service check's event handler.

Excluded service checks

When a service check is excluded at the host level, then this service check will be ignored from subsequent host templates.

You can use the Resolve service checks option in the hosts popup menu to see which service checks are excluded.