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There is support for internationalisation (or i18n) in the Opsview web interface.

We use the Catalyst I18N plugin, which depends on the Locale::Maketext::Simple module, which is based on gettext. We're just building on the shoulders of giants!

Determining the language used to display

Note: Not all language translation files are available.

The language displayed on web pages are based on the following rules:

  • When logged in, it will use the contact's specific language setting
  • If this is set to “browser” and there is an appropriate language file based on the browser's requests, that language will be used
  • Otherwise, will fallback to using English

If any strings are not translatable, the translation will fallback to English.

Scope of internationalisation support

The scope of the language translations are:

  • All Opsview Web pages generated by Opsview with the exception of:
    • the Host / Host Group Info wiki pages
    • the Scheduled Reports pages
    • the ODW Service Graph pages
    • pages added in from Opsview modules (such as Rancid)
  • Audit log messages are always translated into English, though in the future this is likely to be a configuration option

Strings that are not translated are:

  • Output from Nagios plugins
  • Error messages from external programs
  • Nagios® Core CGI screens
  • NMIS screens
  • MRTG screens
  • Time output and time durations (timezone is based on the Opsview master's system timezone)

Opsview Modules may have its own internationalisation.

Nagvis has its own translation facilities.

Language files

Language files are in /usr/local/opsview-web/lib/Opsview/Web/I18N. Further contribution language files are in /usr/local/opsview-web/lib/Opsview/Web/I18N/contrib.

We will only put official language translation files into the I18N directory. Files that are distributed with Opsview will be overwritten on an upgrade.

To make a contributed language file available to Opsview, you have to copy the file to the I18N directory and restart Opsview Web.

Editing Language Files

Information on creating editing language files can be found on the developer wiki