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Host Groups Hierarchy

From this page, you can define the hierarchy of the host groups. The principle is that a host group contains all the enclosing host groups. You can drag and drop the host groups to define the hierarchy.

You will need to reload for the hierarchical changes to take effect in the Host Group Hierarchy status pages.


Host groups coloured yellow are leaf host groups. These host groups are listed on the Host Groups list page. Hosts can only be added into a leaf host group - make membership changes either via the Host edit page or by using the Host Groups list page.

A leaf host group will show, in parenthesis, the number of hosts within the host group.

If a leaf host group has hosts contained, you cannot add another host group within. In other words, a host group can either have a set of host groups or a set of hosts, but not a mixture of these types.

From the menu button, you can take further actions, including adding wiki information about the host group - this information can then be accessed via the Host Group Hierarchy status pages.


  • A host can belong to only one host group
  • A host group belongs in a hierarchy
  • A host group can either have hosts or host groups contained, but not a mixture of both
  • All leaf host groups must be uniquely named
  • Non-leaf host groups can have the same name as other non-leaf host groups, but the path to that host group must be unique
  • The path to a host group must be less than 255 characters long
  • Only the 1st ten levels of host groups are stored in ODW