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  * MySQL   * MySQL
-=== Opsview Naming === 
-Opsview comes in two editions: 
-  * Opsview Community edition 
-  * Opsview Enterprise edition 
-//edition// is in lowercase. Use it when you need to distinguish between the software and the community.+=== Hyphenation === 
 +For terms such as Auto-discovery and Multi-tenancy, use hypenation as agreed. 
 +Where headline capitals are used (eg, Notification Methods and Host Groups), hypenation becomes Auto-Discovery and Multi-Tenancy. 
 +=== Opsview Naming === 
 +Opsview comes in three products: 
 +  * Opsview Core 
 +  * Opsview Pro 
 +  * Opsview Enterprise
-Based on above, the software is //Opsview Community 3.9.1 edition//.+Use capitals for both terms as these are proper nouns.
===== Titles, Subtitles and Headings ===== ===== Titles, Subtitles and Headings =====